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Welcome to the Loring Software Blog. This is where I will discuss some of the projects I am working, the interesting problems that I encounter in the process, and how I solved them. Since I started writing in C# on .Net back in 2003, I have written a lot of code to work around problems and inconsistencies, especially when it comes to accessing the lower levels of the operating system.  I always thought I should be writing these things down somewhere.  Especially when the workaround or problem solution was particularly elegant.  Sadly, most of those early problem solutions are gone, and fortunately most are no longer necessary since the later versions of the .Net libraries.  But I am willing to bet you in the next few years there will be plenty to comment on.

One thing I never liked much about samples and examples found online and in MS VS Documentation is that, aside from the examples being rather useless programs, they quite often dangle outside of real context. "How did that parameter get initialized in the first place?" "How did you initialiize the class before calling that method?" I generally end up Googling for a solution to the problem that I am trying to solve. And that is the great thing about the Goggle Era. You pretty much always find the answer on the first search. So that is what I want to do with this blog. Write up some stuff about how I solved specific problems, let Google index it, and hopefully I will save someone out there a little time. I know there are not a lot of us left still programming from 20 years ago. But do any of you who did recall how hard it was to solve problems back then?  Windows 3.1 or the Mac OS.  I guess that is what late nights and coffee were all about. Personally, I prefer the internet era.

The first entry will be the development of this blog itself, and my building a .Net web application.  Okay, a bit boring, but more interesting things will follow.

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